About J2 Softwear

J2 Softwear has been building custom polarfleece clothing since 1986. My first real job was helping to sew sailboat sails. I loved using the industrial machines because they were so much faster than the home models. After graduating from college in 1986, I moved to Salida to be a raft guide. I loved the people and the spirit of Salida and decided to settle down for a while. I started repairing gear and clothing for the outfitter I was working for. Fleece was a new thing back then and expensive, especially on a raft guide salary. I bought my first roll of polar fleece and made some clothing for the guides to test. I started having river guides from all over the valley come and want some fleece. It morphed from there and the river guides were also ski patrollers and ski area employees. My prices were reasonable and I was doing custom fittings for the odd sizes.

In 1987 a bought a historic building in downtown Salida. Today I am fortunate to have beautiful building where my shop is located. I still love sewing and feel I accomplished something when I get done making a custom coat. Since then I have made hundreds of custom garments for folks from all over the country. If you come to Salida please come and visit me in my downtown shop.

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